If you and your company are making markets - look no further UniTrader is the platform of your choice.

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Simple and comprehensive display
  • The console logically delivers account and orders information, instruments and open positions in a non-obtrusive way.
  • Traders use only 3 windows with different tabs to find all needed information and place trades.
  • The trading window is easy to navigate for novice traders and at the same time engaging enough for experienced speculators.
  • Traders can place trades right from the charts.
  • The console offers easy to understand trading reports.
  • Traders can easily select different trading instruments from the Instrument Selection and follow only what they want to trade, keeping the trading window uncluttered.
Trading interface in 17 languages
  • UniTrader is the only software that displays all console information, including the names of products in 17 major languages.
  • Easy up to date product information display, expiration dates, lot sizes, value of a tick and commissions, all in different languages.

Communication with Brokers/IBs
  • The console also offers an instant communication between Trader and Broker, as he/she can see Brokers contact information, phone number, email, logo and website.

Dealer Risk Management Console is the front end of the Dealing Desk to manage incoming trades and risk

The Dealer's Blotter is designed to give a full picture of company's profit and loss per trading period per day or shift

Risk Management Console
  • It shows all tradable instruments, current feed prices, and all open and closed trades.
  • It shows all incoming orders and proximity of conditional orders to the market.
  • It shows an overall position of a company from a company point of view, Company's Longs and Shorts per product.
  • It enables a Dealer to either approve or reject all trades, selective trades or reprise incoming trades in case price moved or changed.
  • It gives a Dealer a chance to call any account and place trades or search history.
  • It enables a Dealer to offset its risk with a Clearing Counterparty such as a Bank or another Broker and see current Profit or Loss in Real Time.
Dealer Blotter
  • Performs Marked to Market function accurately reflecting current day P&L or if rolled from a previous trading day before, and also compares it to the Risk Management Console.
  • Enables Back Office and Dealers to see what positions produce what P&L adjusted for commissions and transaction fees.
  • Lets the Back Office and Dealers see each separate trade as it comes, whether it is a market buy or market sell or conditional orders and at what price and time it is executed.
  • The Risk Management Console in a combination with Dealer Blotter allow the Dealing Desk to have full control over managing risk and avoiding being picked off by customers who prey on price inconsistencies or feed delays.

The Back Office Console is the place where the Market Maker will set up trading instruments, establish spreads, commissions, transaction fees, swaps and much more.

In fact Back Office Console can be easily operated by a single person or a small size Back Office team.

Back Office Console Functions
  • Create Clients Accounts and link to Sales People.
  • Onboard, communicate and establish a relationship between Money Managers, Clients, Introducing Brokers and Sales People.
  • Establish products and settings for the whole company as well for each separate Introducing Broker, Money Manager or Account.
  • Establish Back Office Personnel, Dealers and Sales People and assign corporate rights to each person.
  • Run Reports for the whole company, Introducing Brokers, Money Managers or Clients.
  • Set up Clearing Accounts for the whole Company.
  • Set up White Labels and assign full or limited rights.
Easy to understand.
  • UniTrader's development team designed an uncluttered Back Office Console that is easy to understand and use by either start up Market Makers or somebody has been in business for a while.

Dealing with IB's
  • The Back Office Console is specialy designed to satisfy the needs of Market Makers who understand the complexity of dealing with Introducing Brokers and their clients. While dealing with Market Makers who have over 3,000 IBs, our developers understood the role of IBs in the OTC markets and what kind of relationship they have with the Market Makers Money Managers, Sales People and their own clients.

The Money Manager Center Console enables Money Managers and CTAs to manage their client base and be in full control of managing client funds.

Money Manager Center Console allows
  • To manage all customers from a single window.
  • To place trades for either an individual account, group all accounts together, or create groups for each trading strategy.
  • To manage an overall position and Profit/Loss per product and per currency.
  • To set Stops and Limits on positions for each account or the whole group.
  • To achoise on an account level, whether it is a Lot Allocation Management, or Percentage Allocation Management
Two levels of commissions
  • The Money Manager Center Console takes into consideration two levels of commissions charged by IBs and Money Managers.
  • While many software providers commingle commissions together, UniTrader separates two sets of commissions in the Back Office and user's Front End.
  • Money Manager Center Console keeps the integrity of the IB clients and their commissions intact and charge separate commissions for Money Management only.

UniTrader allows Brokers/IBs to see their rebates, commissions, spread widening, detailed reports, demo leads, client trades and positions all in real time from the Broker Console.

Account Information
  • UniTrader offers an instant CRM, where Brokers can see all their Demo and Live clients.
  • Brokers can place traders and execute orders on behalf of clients.
  • Depending on the rights set up by the Market Makers, Brokers can manage client accounts either one by one or create a managed group.
  • Brokers can manage web links displayed on client trading interface.
  • Once anyone opens a demo account Brokers will see that account information and trading activities.
  • UniTrader guarantees that not a single client of a particular Broker will be lost to another Broker by mistake.
Open positions
  • Broker can see client information, trades, positions and overall position per instrument.
  • Broker can observe how fast client orders are approved by a Market Maker.
  • Setup commissions, spread widening and margins.

  • Broker can see earned commissions, rebates or price widening reports in real time.
  • Each Broker gets over 7 different reports to run analyzing his customer base, trading and earnings.
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